The Pumpkin Wizard

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Moonlight creeps into the darkened room.  A mysterious mist shrouds your vision, and as it slowly clears, you begin to see it... slowly resolving into view... and you can tell....

It's ALIVE!!!!

You've stumbled into the lair of
The Pumpkin Wizard

But don't be afraid... our creations are friendly!

After wandering in the wilds, fighting with a plague that was cursed upon me, then escaping after four long days in Sauron’s dungeons (the hospital.. ) The Wizard is again back at his full mighty strength again!

So expect much magic in the weeks to come!  New patterns are on the horizon!!!  I’ve herd of some twerking in the Wiz’s castle, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to see him doing any of that!  And in his travels, the Wiz did meet one of his most favored consorts, The Mother of Dragons.  Many bearded fellows could be seen in the vicinity of the ponds making odd noises as well, so the wizard captured their likeness.  And lo, there was one feline who could not be cheered, no matter how I tried…

So be prepared!  Many more great patterns to come this year!

Good News Everyone!  Our Affiliate program issues with Dick Blick Art Materials have finally been figured out and now the carving tools can be ordered again.  So please check out out great selection of carving tools that we offer through Dick Blick Arts, a nationally known and trusted art supplier who (finally) is an affiliate with The Pumpkin Wizard.

Check out our feature that allows you to buy your favorite patterns by the piece. Or to make sure you have all of our carving patterns and secrets at your disposal, our All Access Memberships are still available to give you access to all 1200+ carving patterns, special tutorials and videos, and other valuable features exclusive to our Members Only!

So start yourself out by browsing the menus on the left side of the screen.  View the previews of all of our great patterns, and buy a few.  Or go all out and sign up for the All Access Membership.

Check out the carving galleries of work by both The Pumpkin Wizard, and new this year, the Guests' Carvings gallery!

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